Monday, July 29, 2019

SEVEN BLOGS, Live and in Colour

RECENT ENTRIES to Seven Blogs -

Please link to A New PB, By Five Seconds! at The GREAT Canadian Comeback by GH

Good thing I turned around!

Please link to Piles of Birdhouses Continues at The Workshop by GH

Western cedar boxes are varnished and ready for trim

Please link to Three PBs in a Row! at The GREAT Canadian Comeback by GH

Heading north toward the Fork of the Thames. 

The Gateway to Seven Blogs:

My father, Doug Harrison (V8809), holds an anti-broaching line to steady an
English landing craft as US soldiers disembark in North Africa, Nov. 1942

1. 1,000 MEN, 1,000 STORIES - My chief interest. My father (far left, above) was a World War II veteran, 1941 - 1945, served in the RCNVR and Combined Operations, for better and for worse.

2. FAINT FOOTSTEPS, WW2 - A growing story about my ongoing search for more information related to my father's World War II adventures.

3. IT STRIKES ME FUNNY - My longest serving blog with more topics to consider than one can shake a stick at.

Gord Harrison on a dusty day outside The Workshop

4. THE WORKSHOP by G. Harrison - Everybody needs a workshop, in my humble opinion.

5. The GREAT Canadian Comeback - Short reports re my fun and fitness routine, in search of svelteness. I walk, run, lift weights and put things down... on paper.

One of London's well-used walking, running, and cycling routes

6. Stories, Prose and Songs - This blog is largely ignored by me and the world. However, one day you'll hear one of my songs or stories on the radio and you'll say, "I know that guy."

7. Four Mugs and Coffee - This blog was once home to a lively group effort, but now is home to just a few very good ideas. For example, it's home to a brilliant screenplay, Death by Misadventure.

Look in on one blog, then another. Collect the whole set!

See seven "most recent entries" to the blogs - Please click here : )

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